Throughout my 20s, I asked folks one question: What are the three things you wish you knew when you were younger?

The conversations I had and the responses I received changed my life.



Hi, I'm snow white bui.

Yep, that's my real name. When I was a student in college, I felt like I wasn't learning anything very useful in my classes. I wanted to learn about life - about living well, the real world, and the true meaning of happiness. I followed my curiosity and ended up creating "Lessons for Life Project."

More about the project

As a 21-year-old at the time, many of the life lessons shared with me made no sense to me. Adults said things like "life is about relationships" and "love makes the world go 'round," but my ability to comprehend those notions did not exist. It was not until I was 24 that I recognized the value of this project.


1,500+ conversations; 5,000+ hand-written responses

With a new-found hobby, I started to spend my free time approaching strangers in public spaces like coffee shops and parks, where I asked them about their life lessons. I even created a small art installation that was featured at local TEDx events.

The purpose of this project is for us to learn from one another so that we can try our best to live our lives fully with purpose, confidence and fewer regrets. 


We live in a world of great abundance, so why aren't more of us happy? Especially those of us living in prosperous cities and towns, where our basic needs are met. This was something I noticed early on, when I started to pay attention to the world around me in Southern California.


collecting life lessons
Sometimes it's the people with the least who can remind us to cherish the things we take for granted. 

Sometimes it's the people with the least who can remind us to cherish the things we take for granted. 

A look at some of the earliest life lessons I collected:


SoulPancake reached out to me a few years ago...


We made a series of videos at YouTube Space in Los Angeles, CA. It was such a fun experience, one that I will always be grateful for. Check out our main video below!


What's next for Lessons for Life Project? 


As I've grown up over the years, this project has grown with me. I'm looking within my heart for directions, so the next evolutionary step for this project is TBD. :) 

I'm currently writing a book about my solo journey across the United States in the late summer of 2015. I basically forced myself to travel because one of the most common life lessons older adults shared with me was how they wish they had traveled more when they were younger. I didn't want to share the same regret and I was blown away by what I discovered and learned.


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PS. I’m currently on a hiatus so that I can focus on writing my book.

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. - Ralph Waldo Emerson