On the Dream List: Danielle LaPorte


where i met danielle: at her White Hot Truth book tour stop in Los angeles, ca - june 23, 2017

number of outreach attempts: 1

key takeaways from danielle's life's work:

  • On our spiritual journeys, we must be our own gurus. There's a lot of noise out there that will prevent us from discovering our Truths. 
  • By confronting our painful experiences and processing the emotions that come with them, we allow ourselves to heal. When we are healed, we have the capacity to help others heal. This seems to be the reason so many people who are on the enlightened path devote their lives to service of others.
  • When it comes to inner healing, there are no one size fits all solutions or practices. We must do the hard work.
  • Being spiritual is a life-long commitment and practice. It's not a one time thing. It's a forever thing.
  • Self love entails loving ALL of us, including the younger versions of ourselves, the parts of us we don't like and our Egos.
  • Be intentional about creating soul-centered goals.

how danielle LaPorte's work has impacted us:

  • "Since following Danielle's work, I have been able to stand even more firmly in my hard-sought - and luckily recently fully recovered (!!) - Truth. Danielle is on the Dream List because I am curious to learn what her most important life lessons are, if she could only choose three. She's such a straight-shooter and I appreciate her for that. Not only does she not generalize or sugarcoat the realities and circumstances experienced by a wide net of people, she communicates in such a way that is very gentle, kind and universal. This is one of the things I admire about her." - Snow White, Curator of Lessons for Life Project
  • "I can't quite remember how I fell upon Danielle LaPorte's work, all I know is that when I did it started a fire in me to be better to myself. I have recently gone through a personal struggle; the loss of my 20 year relationship. I was blindsided and knocked to my knees. I felt like her daily truth-bombs were talking to me and that she knew exactly what I needed on any given day.

    On one particular day, a truth-bomb showed up on my phone that simply said "you're free to go." I cried when I read it because I knew then that it was up to me to let go and move on. Danielle has a way of showing you your own truths and to trust them. Also, since it's my birthday month, I've decided to start The Desire Map - to help guide me further through my journey.  Danielle has helped me understand my truth and feel like I actually do matter and have a purpose." - Gina Madonna, Community Member

  • "The most impactful gem of wisdom from the writings of Danielle LaPorte has been that soul work shouldn't be drudgery -- if it's work or a battle, find another teacher, class or group that's in line with your soul!" - Jennifer, Community Member